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Phthalonitrile Resin
High Performance Engineering Thermosets

A new class of high-temperature polymers, Phthalonitrile (PN) resins have many excellent properties such as high thermal and oxidative stability, flame retardance and chemical resistance. These properties make the PN resins attractive for many advanced technological applications, such as composite matrices, adhesives, and electrical conductors.

Phthalonitrile resins offer a better alternative to high-temperature polyimides and provide a high glass transition temperature of 435°C and ease in property tailoring through molecular design without the evolved volatiles and complex cure cycles of polyimides. Phthalonitrile exhibits superior physical properties relative to other high-temperature polymers such as polyimides, BMIs and Cyanate Esters.

Azista Composites is the only Indian company and one of the very few companies in the world with the capability to manufacture Phthalonitrile. AZKLM 0301 is a Phthalonitrile resin with operating temperature up to 400°C developed by Azista Composites. AZKLM 0301 is designed for composite structures manufacturing by Vacuum Infusion and RTM process.

Application Areas

  • Polymeric Composites for internal structures of submarines
  • High-Temperature Radomes
  • Thermal Protection system for re-entry space vehicle
  • Rocket Engine: Extendible Nozzle & aerospike engine
  • Structures with high heat resistance - Jet Engine Compressor Blade

Key Features

  • LONG SHELF LIFE: Phthalonitrile resins have a shelf life of 1 year at room temperature.
  • COMBUSTION TOLERANCE: Does not sustain combustion on exposure to flame.
  • MANUFACTURING ADVANTAGE: Can be processed in the same way as ordinary commercial epoxy resins, using standard industrial composite manufacturing methods. Low moisture absorption.
  • TAILORED MATERIAL CHEMISTRY: The Material chemistry can be tailored to melt at temperatures between 130 °C - 240 °C and control its initial cure to the required shape below 200 °C.
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